Professional Make-up Artist - HALLOWEEN
Professional Make-up Artist - Lets Make-up!                      (604) 910-5076


Face & Neck + Hands-$65

Full Make-up + Costume prep-
$150 & up (2-4hrs)

Fantasy Make-up w/Prosthetic

Airbrush Make-up for Face + Hands
$150 (2hrs)

Airbrush Make-up Half Body
$250 (3-4hrs)
Airbrush Make-up Full Body
$350 and up (4-5hrs)


Drag Make-up
$60 (1hr)

Drag w/ Blocked out Brows+Lash
$100 (1.5hr)

Celebrity Look-A-Like w/Lash
$75 (1hr)

Celebrity Look-A-Like w/Lash + Hair/Wig
$125 & up

Costume Planning additional $50 + Cost of supplies

Creative Beauty

 Airbrush Face + Arms
$100 (1.5hrs)

Airbrush Face + Arms + Hair/Wig
$150 + up (2-3hrs)

Full Body Painting 
$250 & up

UV/Black Light Paints Available!

Costume Planning $50+costume

Injuries & other Special FX

$100 (1.5hrs)

Half Body
$200 (2.5hrs)

Full Body
$300 & up

Costume Planning 
$50 + cost of costume

Generic Prostetic Application

$100 for Prosthetic 
$250 and up for Application and painting

Costume Planning 
$50 + cost of costume

Custom Prosthetics

Special Service!
Requires Life casting and 1 week prep.

Small Prosthetic
$150 & up

Medium Prosthetic
$200 & up

Full Face
$400 & up

Please note:
Removal of product may be difficult.Removal of Prostetic  by a professional is highly recommended. 

If you choose not to have a professional removal, a lesson will be given with removal product... as well, a waiver form must be filled out prior to application
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