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Jenny was born to do this! Growing up with creative parents, Jenny was taught color and design at a young age. Her mother started out as a make-up artist for Merle Norman in the 1970’s and worked up to interior design in the 1980’s. All while raising 2 kids.

Soon Jenny went on to learn such crafts as jewelry and costume making and then on to the arts. Working in the creative field was always something Jenny had an eye on, but it wasn’t until recently she began to live out her dreams!

After working a dead end Job, Jenny decided to live out her dream and go back to school."As a teenager, all of my classmates begged me to do them up before classes at my home and in the school bathrooms". "I loved it! Making my friends feel and look great was truly rewarding"! So, off to school I went!

During the duration of her program at John Casablanca’s Institute in Vancouver, Jenny went in feet first with editorial photography and bridal! Only 2 months in and it has not stopped! "I did not want to wait till I was finished class to get things moving in my career". “I wanted to get noticed”...and that she did. Before ending her training in February 2010, Jenny worked on 30+ photo shoots, 15 weddings and 4 music videos along with 2 short films.

John Casablanca's also recognized her for outstanding class achievement and top student of her class, witch later she received her award in November 2010.

Jenny has worked on numerous projects including 3 feature films, 20+ short films and numerous editorials. Jenny has also been back stage at Vancouver Fashion week and at BC Fashion week.

Recently she was part of the creative team for BUN Jewelry for Carola Alder, Some other Clients are Blink Media Works, Dirty Radio and Metro Vancouver Media.

Jenny also works along side Vancouver's hottest Lady Gaga impersonator-Baby Gaga and participates in several charitable organizations including Help Portrait Vancouver. Jenny has been featured in String Magazine and Writes for COCO&RICO Magazine. Jenny also provides bridal hair and makeup for Mink Makeup and hair and works as Senior Stylist and recruiter/trainer for the company


Stay tuned for more on JennyV Make-up!

100% against Animal Cruelty!

Jenny takes great pride in providing a cruelty free service, all products and tools used are and always will be free of cruelty. Jenny also spends her free time volunteering at the BC Wildlife Rescue in Burnaby BC, where she helps to rehabilitate local injured wildlife

For more info on how you can be 100% cruelty free, please go to

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