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Special FX for TV & Film

IMATS Vancouver July 2012

Working at the John Casablanca's Institute Booth

Finished Product

Halloween at Breakfast TV

Watch the TV segment here

Promo shoot for John Casablanca's Make-up Program

JC Institute creative shoot: Creepy circus

This is what you get when you put a team of makeup artists from the JC Institute in a room

Mortimer's Matchmaking


Mortimers Matchmaking Valentines Day

In honour of Valentine's Day, Standard Action has pre-released this short video of Wrazzo, looking for love. Mortimer the Merchant understands the need, in this troubled world, to help the lonely find...

Madame Hussy House Grand Opening October 2010

Alien with Bald Cap and Body Painting @ Joseph Richards

Zombie Walk August 2010

Special thanks to my model Adrian and Rob Hunt for the shots!

Out of Kit & Bald Cap

Custom Prosthetic

The making of Wrazoth

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